MultiPAC was designed in the 1980/1990s by Basic Computing as a set of integrated modules to provide the following business functions: -

  • Stock Control
  • Invoice & Credit Note Generation
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Manufacturing Control
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing

In addition, the system also includes a simple Report Generator.

Designed to run under MsDOS on PC-compatible hardware, it will also happily run under Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 (32bit), but NOT Win 7 (64 bit). For this it will need Windows 7 Virtual PC/XP Mode operating system additions.

As senior programmer at Basic Computing, I designed and developed the majority of the modules and the underlying database and record locking systems. When I started up Aurora Computer Solutions in 1996 I continued to support existing MultiPAC customers and that support continues right through to today.

If you are an existing MultiPAC customer looking for support please do not hesitate to contact us.

MultiPAC News and Updates . . .

VAT Prompt Settlement Discount Rule Change

On the 1st April 2015 the HMRC made a significant change to the VAT rules relating to prompt settlement discount. Prior to that date, any company giving prompt payment or prompt settlement discounts could charge VAT on the discounted amount, regardless of whether the discount was subsequently taken. From the 1st April VAT now must be calculated on the full net amount. If the customer subsequently takes the settlement discount, then a credit amount will need to be raised to adjust the VAT amount.

Full details can be found on the HMRC website -

If you are using MultiPAC for your accounts and think this may be an issue for you then please do contact us on 01282 693844 or email


Year 2000 Date Modification

November 1998 saw the release of Year 2000 compatible versions of MultiPAC Business Software. The changes, which allowed dates to be stored with the full 4 digit year, will keep MultiPAC going up to 31st December 2047!

New Modules

In the past few years 2 new modules have been developed to help MultiPAC cope with the 21st century.

AutoFAX was designed originally to allow Statements to be sent by Fax. It has since evolved into a system for sending Sales Invoices, Quotations and Statements by Email as well as Fax.

A second new module, SalMAN, allows MultiPAC customer and sales data to be synchronised to a modern Windows based database where comprehensive analysis can be performed.